Products and services

NBC's business focus is predominantly in the freight transport of Chrome, but it is developing a presence in the platinum industry. NBC also transports Coal, Copper and Nickel. However, these are not significant contributing parts of the business when compared to the freight transportation of chrome.

All raw materials handled by NBC are transported between mines, smelters and ports within South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana.

Business Activities

We currently operate some 300 inter-link trucks hauling mining commodities predominately on the Eastern Limb of the Bushveld, where major chrome and platinum producers are found. We transport chrome, platinum, coal, copper and nickel concentrates.

Our activities are between mines and smelters, smelters and inland ports in South Africa, as well exports through the ports of Durban, Richards Bay and Maputo(Mozambique.) Our clients are blue chip companies in the mining sector.

We transport some five million tons per annum of raw materials. With our expertise, track record and modern fleet of vehicles and equipment we are well positioned for growth and ready to spread our presence to the rest of the SADC region.